Procurement- and Supply Chain Management

In what areas do you want to improve ?

Organizational optimization - KPI's - tools - spend analysis - review of new sourcing opportunities - categorization - strategies - bidding competitions - agreements - supply chain optimization (footprint, partners, operating model,...) - supply chain organization - supply chain KPI's - logistics (internal/external) - etc

Prokures can head the development project/program, act as main negotiator in bidding competitions, management advisor or just make the analysis and define the baseline for development

Outsourcing projects

Are you still doing all by yourself ?

Prokures has experience from participating in outsourcing projects in the following areas: facilities services - office services - travel services - recruitment and other HR services - marketing services - manufacturing processes - maintenance of production machinery - fork lift maintenance - internal logistics - warehousing - packing services - operative buying - etc

Prokures can head the outsourcing project/program, act as main negotiator, management advisor or just make the analysis to find out the prerequisites and possibilities for outsourcing and map the potential outsourcing partners

Digitalization and change management

Ensure the success of your development project

In all development projects, it's essential not to forget to update also the IT systems and tools. They are nowadays an essential part of your overall competitiveness. Prokures has participated in many digitalization projects and can verify the updating need of your systems and tools. Prokures can also assist you in selecting the right partner. Only by selecting the right partner, you can ensure to get the benefits of the rapidly developing IT systems & tools also in the future.

All projects need good change management. Prokures has participated in many projects in the above areas and knows where the change management focus should be and which pitfalls to avoid, to reach the targets as planned.

Interim manager

A quick solution

A professional interim manager is a good choice for surprising situations. The critical resource may be absent for a longer period, is leaving the company or is needed for another task. It takes time to find a replacement and all tasks can't be shared among the remaining personnel. Interim management can be a good choice also to take you through a transition phase (merger, demerger or other major change). 

The interim manager is usually a senior level professional, who has experience from many tasks and various business environments and can quickly adapt to any temporary role.    

Prokures offers interim manager assigments for procurement and supply chain management positions and project-/program tasks related to these areas. Prokures can also act in an advisory role, when recruiting the new resource.