The Customer

Who can benefit from services provided by Prokures ?

All small- and medium size companies with production operations on the Finnish market, regardless of size, location and field of operations. The solutions in small and large companies might not always be the same. The field of operation and supply chain may also have an impact on the solutions. But the basic challenges remain the same in all companies: how to remain profitable and competitive in the ever increasing pressure of global competition.

Prokures has experience from companies with turnovers ranging from 50 to 7 000 MEUR and personnel figures ranging from 80 to 30 000 employees, operating in the automo-tive-, oil-& gas-, technology-, pulp- & paper- and manufacturing industries or providing engineering- or education & training services.

Even if your company wouldn't fit into the above turnover-/personnel ranges or fields of operation - please don't hesitate to contac us - the solutions are always tailored to your specific needs - a specialist from outside always brings along new ideas and viewpoints.